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Welcome to Babcock University UMIS

We want to make it easy for our lecturers, students, alumnae and employers to access information as securely and accurately as possible. Students can register for classes, make online payments, access grades and use many other features.

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Online Registration

  1. Go to any Bank of your choice and load the fees payable. Students who had made full session payment must go through the process starting from Step 3.
  2. All students are expected to register their etranzact card details online at this link: This will enable you to retrieve/reset your password. This is the ONLY VALID website for online card registration. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CARD DETAILS ANYWHERE ELSE ONLINE!!!.
  3. Log on to The portal has been optimized for Mozilla Firefox. You may use other browsers other than Internet Explorer.
  4. Click on (Student Page) menu and login using the username & password issued to you. For issues with username & password, visit the Helpdesk at Room F104.
  5. Click on (Personal Details) and confirm your details. Post a mail to registry in case of any errors.
  6. Click on (Financial Registration) then click on (Register for Semester).
  7. Click on (Register)
  8. Choose Residence.
    • Resident (Premium or Regular Hostel) and Meal type.
    • Community - Proceed to Student Affairs' Office for interview and approval (if disqualified, register as residence)
  9. Click on (Select Payment) and choose Semester Payment.
  10. Click on (Current Charges) then click on (Apply to make Payment)
  11. Click on (Current Charges) again then click on (Make Payment)
  12. Click on (Etranzact) supply Card Number, PIN Number & Expiry Date and click (Pay Now). ONCE ONLY!!! For retrieval of etranzact card details, visit
  13. Wait for Financial approval. Until the (Financial Approval) menu read “YES” you will not be able to proceed.
  14. Ensure that (Financial Approval) menu is 'YES'
  15. Print receipt, make a photocopy and submit at hall of residence.
  16. Click on (Outstanding Courses) to check for outstanding courses.
  17. Click on (Selected Courses List) to drop/add courses. To add courses click on (selected courses). If course(s) is not on the list, click on (Special Selection).
  18. Click on (Submit Registration). On the page displayed to the right hand side, click on (submit Registration).
  19. Sign Out. Always remember to sign-out!!!.
  20. Proceed to School Officers for the collection of course form.
  21. Proceed to HOD/Course Advisor for signature.
  22. Signed forms should be returned to the School Officers for signature
  23. Make (7) seven copies of duly signed course form and submit a copy at the following locations: HOD, School Officer - 2 Copies, Hall of Residence, Food Services - Meal Ticket, Keep a copy for personal use

New Applicants

Fill out an application form online by:

1. Click here to make application

2. Check your email for your password then click here to fill in the form

3. Upload the the picure, select exam center

4. Make payment using eTranzact

5. Submit your completed application form

For more information access the tutorial here.

Student Registration

All payment must be received before you can register for courses (except for financial aid students). Registration must be completed at least 24 hrs. before the course start date

Common Errors to Avoid

  1. 1. Make sure you have change your default PIN to the one you can easily remember.
  2. 2. Make sure you supply correct expiry date.
  3. 3. Click 'PayNow' Only Once
  4. 4. Do it your self.
  5. 5. Do not give your PIN number to somebody else.

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