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Welcome to Babcock University UMIS

We want to make it easy for our lecturers, students, alumnae and employers to access information as securely and accurately as possible. Students can register for classes, make online payments, access grades and use many other features.

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    Register for class
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    Check your personal details
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    View/print GPA reports
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    View your degree details
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    View/print a copy of your class and exam time table
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    View a student copy of your unofficial transcript
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    View your student account
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    Pay your student account

Online Registration

  1. Go to any bank and present the 16 digits number TO LOAD THE ACCOUNT. Obtain your receipt.
  2. Access the registration system (University Management Information System-UMIS) by opening the browser preferably Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Type in in the address bar of your browser and press enter key.
    1. Click on the Student Menu
    2. Login with your username and password obtained from your email box.
    3. Once you login kindly change your password by clicking on the Change Password link at the top right hand of your page
    4. Input the old password in the first text box, then input your new password you desire to use in the second and third text box. Then click on Update to effectively change the password.
  5. Financial Registration
    1. Click on Financial Registration
    2. Click on Current Charges
    3. The current charges shows the acceptance fees paid and fees to pay for the session/semester.
    4. Click on the arrow beside GO
    5. Click on Apply to Make Payment
      1. Click on Make Payment tab
      2. Click on the etranzact Logo(make sure the card balance is equal or greater than the Amount to be paid in the boxes)
      3. Click on Pay button
      After making successful payment and your finance is approved. Click on the current charges.
    6. Click on the arrow beside GO
    7. Click on Receipt tab. Click on PDF to download and print your online receipt.

New Applicants

Fill out an application form online by:

1. Click here to make application

2. Check your email for your password then click here to fill in the form

3. Upload the the picure, select exam center

4. Make payment using eTranzact

5. Submit your completed application form

For more information access the tutorial here.

Student Registration

All payment must be received before you can register for courses (except for financial aid students). Registration must be completed at least 24 hrs. before the course start date

Common Errors to Avoid

  1. 1. Make sure you supply correct expiry date.
  2. 2. Click 'PayNow' Only Once
  3. 3. Do it your self.
  4. 4. Do not give your PIN number to somebody else.

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